What punter should know about value betting?

A football agent or a punter who wants to make money betting on different sports events needs to identify odds with their own probability figures. This is actually a betting strategy that needs a mathematical approach when betting on sports. A mistake that most punters make when betting in football events is that they usually put a lot of trust in the team they want to invest their money. The punter should, therefore, consider value betting, and this means that as long as the presented bookmakers odds are better than mathematical probability of winning the outcome, then that would be considered as a valuable bet.

If a punter or a betting football agent thinks that the team has 50% chance of beating the other team and those bookmakers odds are above 2.0, then these odds represent a valuable bet. On the other hand, if a team only has a 40% chance of winning the match, the bet will no longer be valuable. This is to say that any object that has a good value is still an object that will give the punter a positive payoff when betting on the object. One thing with bookmaker’s odds is that they are the inverse of the estimated probability by the bookmaker for the occurrence of an event.
For example, if in a single match the bookmaker’s odds are 3.50/3.40/1.80, it means that their respective corresponding probabilities will be 0.29. 0.29, 0.56 and which total to 1.14. What this value represents is the inherent take of a bookmaker to remain and be profitable in this business. A punter or a football agent betting on sports events should also know that there is not known a direct way of finding the optimal value when it comes to value betting. It is for this reason that a punter should only place their bets on a football event they are sure of winning the outcome.
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