Providence medical center amphitheater- the best open air amphitheater

Amphitheaters have been a great source of entertainment since olden times. Amphitheaters are open air venue which is generally used for entertainment purpose. They are mainly used for holding sports activities, concerts, and other public performances. The Colosseum amphitheater is one of the greatest proof that the trend of amphitheaters was prevailing even in 70- 80 AD. There are several amphitheaters available in the world, and one of the most famous among them is the Providence medical center amphitheater. It is located in the Bonner Springs, Kansas.

The providence medical center amphitheater was first opened in 1984, and it has undergone various name changes since then. The first name which was given to this place was Sand Stone Center for Performing Arts. After this, the name was changed to Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone, Cricket Wireless Amphitheater, and many other names. It is also popularly known as Bonner Springs Amphitheater.

Some important things that every person living in Kansas must know about this place are as follows:
• This outdoor theater is situated near Legends shopping mall and Kansas Speedway
• It is owned by the unified government and is operated by the new West presentation.
• It has a vast seating capacity and can place up to 18000 people.
• It has three types of seating capacity that are reserved seating, box seating and lawn seating.
• A new VIP section was added, and the sound quality has improved.
• There are various plazas and other properties near the amphitheater increasing the comfort of the people.
• It provides a free parking facility, and the tickets can be booked online.
• It is one of the biggest outdoor theaters in whole US.
The reason that this place is most trusted by the music lovers is that it is said to be the heaven for music since, last twenty years. Also the Providence medical center amphitheater has adopted environment friendly ways and lay emphasis on the efforts to go green.