Natural Sleep spray recipe which can be prepared at home

It is the product which is made by using natural ingredients, and it is safe for the human body. Sleep spray can be done at home very easy.

Natural material which is used in making spray
The list of ingredients which is used
• The small bottle of spray
• 1 C distilled water
• Then 11/12 T hazel witch
• 12 drops of various essential oils or you can take fragrance oil
Methods of preparation
• Just put the water and the hazel witch into the bottle of spray and shake it well. Then this witch hazel will be helping the essential oils to get disperse evenly and not let them settle at the bottom.
• You can select the essential oil as per your requirement then shake the mixture very well and gently.
• Always shake the spray before use so that it becomes proper when you are using it.
How does it help?
• If you are using the spray as lavender then it is working to give you calmness, and it is also working as an anti-depressant, it also fights from headaches.
• It is also working as a clary sage which is helping you to get relieves stress and balance hormones
• It is bergamot which contributes to relieve the anxiety and balance emotions in you.
• Roman chamomile helps you to calm your stomach and is mostly useful for adults not for children’s.

This spray is best when you are troubling with sleeping it is safe and do not cause any harm to the person. Full protective in nature and is available to you online also just order it as per your body need and apply it when you are going to sleep. By using all these things, you can prepare it at home also. This is the natural sleep spray recipe which you can easily try at your home.